The country’s Defense Forces concluded that the incident involving WCK should not have happened;

The IDF (Israel Defense Forces, in Portuguese) fired a major and a reserve colonel from the Brigade and the 162nd Army Division after the conclusion of the investigation into the attack that killed 7 employees of the NGO WCK was published (World Central Kitchen). According to Israeli forces, the episode It shouldn’t have happened.

On April 1st, an Israeli airstrike on the Gaza Strip victimized collaborators of the food assistance NGO from Australia, Poland, the United Kingdom and Palestine itself, as well as a collaborator with dual citizenship of the United States and Canada.

According to the case’s resolution, one of the Israeli commanders wrongly assumed that some men working on WCK humanitarian aid trucks were Hamas fighters, and then attacked them.

“The attack on aid vehicles is a serious error resulting from a serious failure due to misidentification, errors in decision-making and an attack contrary to standard operating procedures,” states the statement. . . . Full text (PDF – 960 kB).

After the attack, the NGO’s CEO, Erin Gore, said that the episode is “Unforgiven”.

“This is not just an attack on WCK, it is an attack on humanitarian organizations in the most dire situation, where food is used as a weapon of war”these.


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