Car rental company Cinch broke its contract with the English team 2 years ahead of schedule; participation fee was 10 million pounds per year

British football team Tottenham Hotspur is looking for a new sponsor to feature on the sleeves of its uniforms. According to the sports news website Sport Businesscar rental company Cinch stopped paying the English team.

The company had been sponsoring the north London team for 5 years and broke the contract 2 years before what was stipulated in the contract. The sponsorship quota, according to the publication, is 10 million pounds per year, around R$68 million.

Tottenham had previously announced that their 2024-2025 season kits would not feature sponsor branding on the sleeve, with Cinch branding being conspicuously absent from the launch in early June.

This would not be the company’s only retreat in the football market. Cinch also broke away from the Scottish Football League in October 2023.


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