At the G7, the US president had already become distracted and was taken to the correct location by the Italian Giorgia Meloni

The President of the United States, Joe Biden (Democratic Party), 81 years old, “froze” again on Saturday (June 15, 2024) during an event attended by former US president Barack Obama, who guided him off the stage.

Biden left the G7 meeting in Italy and went straight to Los Angeles, in the United States, to participate in a fundraising event for his election campaign, with Hollywood actors, such as George Clooney and Julia Roberts. The presenter of talk show Jimmy Kimmel coordinated the conversation between Biden and Obama.

In the image, it is possible to see the Democrat standing looking at the audience. Obama holds the president’s arm, who turns to leave the stage.

Assistas (54s):

During the G7 event, the US president had already been distracted during the leaders’ meeting and was taken to the correct location by the Italian Giorgia Meloni. The newspaper Wall Street Journal said, on June 4, that Biden closes his eyes and gives the impression of having some memory confusion. The president is the oldest to hold the position.

Remember the main gaffes committed by Joe Biden since taking office in the White House:

10 days ago, former President Donald Trump (Republican Party) mocked the number of Biden’s gaffes.

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Biden’s campaign said it raised at least $30 million, the most at an event in history, according to the newspaper Los Angeles Times. The US elections will be on November 5, 2024.


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