Profile has been blocked by order of Moraes since 2021, but it is possible to view account information on your cell phone

The profile on X (ex-Twitter) of Third Book, news website owned by journalist Allan dos Santos, received the gold seal on Monday (April 8, 2024). The account has been blocked by order of STF (Supreme Federal Court) minister Alexandre de Moraes since September 2021, but is available on the platform when the user accesses it via smartphone (see below).

Although it appears with the gold seal and some information such as the nature of the account (media and news company), there is no content available on the profile. When the user clicks posts, answers, highlights or likesthe following message appears: “Posts are not loading”.

  • what is the golden seal of X – indicates that the profile is from an organization verified by the platform and part of a program aimed at companies. You must sign and pay a monthly fee of R$5,300. It is not possible to know, however, whether all profiles that have the golden seal necessarily pay to have it.

See the profile below Third Book viewed by cell phone:

See the profile below Third Book viewed by the computer:

In Brazil, some media companies have the gold seal on the X. See examples:


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