Lim Ki-Mo is known for his “performances” and has been filmed on previous occasions; remember

The South Korean ambassador to Brazil, Lim Ki-mowent viral when he sang the song Train of eleven o’clockby Adoniran Barbosa, at a samba circle in Rio. The video was published on social media this Monday (April 15, 2024).

The ambassador participated in the Samba do Trabalhador, which is held every Monday, at Clube Renascença, in Andaraí, north of Rio.

Watch (47s):

Lim Ki-mo is known for liking Brazilian music. On another occasion, during an event held in October 2022, at Clube Naval, in Brasília, he performed and sang Brazilian songsas “Full of Mania”from the Raça Negra group, and “From Girl to Woman”by Gusttavo Lima.

Another record was when theo appear in a video singing the song “Evidence”by the country duo Chitãozinho and Xororó, in September 2021. The registration was made at the South Korean embassy, ​​in Brasília, at an event celebrating Chuseok, one of the most important holidays in South Korea.


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