Tomas Taraba says the surgery was successful; the prime minister suffered a gunshot attack this Wednesday (May 15)

The Deputy Prime Minister of Slovakia, Tomas Taraba, confirmed on Wednesday night (May 14, 2024) that Prime Minister Robert Fico, seriously injured in a shooting attack, is expected to survive.

“He [Robert Fico] was seriously injured. One bullet hit the stomach and the second hit the joint. [Foi] immediately transported to the hospital and then to the operation.”said Taraba in a video posted on social media.

Slovak TV station TA3 reported that 4 shots were fired. A suspect was arrested by authorities.

The attack on the Slovak prime minister was carried out about 3 weeks before the elections for the European Parliament, scheduled for June 6th to 9th.

Worldwide repercussion of the case

European Union leaders sent messages of solidarity to Fico. French President Emmanuel Macron said “strongly condemn this attack”.

Olaf Scholz, Chancellor of Germany, defined the attack as “coward” and stated that “violence should not exist in European politics”.

Rishi Sunak, British Prime Minister, expressed solidarity with Fico’s family.

Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris has stated that he will “keep him in prayers today”.

In Portugal, Prime Minister Luís Montenegro wished solidarity and recovery for the prime minister.


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