The Russian Foreign Ministry has summoned the German ambassador, Alexander Lambsdorff, to ask for explanations regarding the leak of conversations between officers of the German Armed Forces about planning attacks on Russian territory. The information was published on the Russian Foreign Ministry website this Monday (4).

Last weekend it was published in Russian media Margarita an audio recording in which the general and several German Air Force officers allegedly discussed the parameters of using Taurus missiles, including for attacks on the Crimean Bridge.

The Russian Foreign Ministry highlighted that this situation clearly demonstrates the West’s involvement in the conflict in Ukraine. According to the folder, “such actions will not go unanswered.”

“During the demarche, the Russian Foreign Ministry demanded from the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany A. Graf Lambsdorff an explanation in connection with the discussion in a conversation between senior German officials about the possibility of supplying the Kiev regime long high-range Taurus cruise missiles, as well as providing the Ukrainian Armed Forces with practical assistance in their combat use for purposes in Russia,” the statement said.

Taurus KEPD 350/150 is a long-range German-Swedish cruise missile designed for high-precision strikes against heavily protected targets without the aircraft carrier entering the enemy air defense zone.

Commenting on the case, Chancellor Olaf Scholz declared that Germany was investigating a “very serious leak” of information.

“What is being reported is a very serious matter and that is why there is now a very thorough, very intense and rapid investigation,” said the chancellor last Saturday (2).

A representative of the German Ministry of Defense later confirmed that a secret meeting of the country’s military leadership, the contents of which were leaked on social media, was in fact bugged.

“According to our assessment, the meeting at the Air Force was heard. So far, we cannot say for sure whether changes were made to the audio recording and the transcribed version circulating on social media,” said the spokeswoman.

What does the recording say?

During the conversation, German military interlocutors discuss in detail various technical aspects of possible deliveries of Taurus missiles to Ukraine, from the method of installation on aircraft to military training and delivery methods.

At the same time, they express the opinion that if a decision on supplies is taken, it cannot be implemented before eight months.

According to the recording, the participants also talk about possible targets that the missiles could hit. “There are two interesting targets – the bridge to the east and the ammunition dumps that are higher up,” says one of the German military officers, probably referring to the Kerch Bridge, or Crimean Bridge.

“The bridge in the east is difficult to reach, it’s a rather small target, but the Taurus can do it and the ammunition dumps can also be hit,” says one of the callers.

At the same time, the German military emphasizes the importance of avoiding the direct participation of the German military in this process. “We need to make sure that from the beginning there is no term that makes us a party to the conflict,” says one of the officers.

Editing: Rodrigo Durão Coelho


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