Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that 3 North American NGOs promote “anti-Russian programs” in the country

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced this Thursday (March 7, 2024) that it had summoned the United States ambassador to Moscow, Lynne Tracy, in protest against alleged “interference” American government in the country’s internal affairs.

According to a statement, 3 NGOs implemented in Russia with the support of the US embassy promote “anti-Russian programs” to recruit “agents of influence” under the pretext of “educational and cultural exchanges”.

The Russian government believes that the alleged practice aims to spread disinformation about the presidential elections, scheduled for March 15-17, and the war in Ukraine.

“The ambassador received an official note demanding that she stop any assistance to the activities of these NGOs, which, if continued, would be considered a violation of Russian law,” the ministry said in the statement.

The agency also requested the removal of educational projects and programs carried out by NGOs from the official website and social media of the US embassy in Moscow.

He further stated that “attempts to interfere in internal affairs” from Russia “will be firmly and resolutely repressed”. According to the Russian ministry, the practice could even result in the expulsion of North American diplomats from the country.


The country governed by Vladimir Putin also stated that it found evidence that the embassies of EU (European Union) countries work “in mechanisms to support the opposition” Russia in this year’s presidential elections.

“We have a lot of documents about how the EU embassies in Moscow are preparing for our presidential election, about the interference mechanisms they use, about projects supporting our non-systemic opposition. In general, about what embassies do not have the right to do”, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Monday (4.Mar).

The chancellor even invited European ambassadors to a meeting. He said that, at the meeting, he would recommend diplomats refrain from committing the alleged practice. However, according to Lavrov, the ambassadors refused the invitation and the meeting was not held.


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