Trump strategist used image of Rod Stewart’s presentation in Copacabana 30 years ago to publicize Donald Trump’s rally in New Jersey, on Saturday (May 11)

Controversial political strategist Roger Stone, 71 years old, published a photo from 30 years ago in Copacabana to publicize the Donald Trump rally, in the State of New Jersey (USA), on Saturday (May 11, 2024). A post on X (formerly Twitter) was promptly identified as not true by the platform’s community checking system.

The photo is, in fact, from December 31, 1994, when Rod Stewart performed a free show in Rio de Janeiro. At the time, it was estimated that around 4 million people participated in the event.

Here is Roger Stone’s post:

According to an estimate released by the Associated Press news agency, around 80,000 people attended the rally. Last week, the Republican held 2 other events in states considered decisive for the North American elections: Michigan and Wisconsin.

See photos from Trump’s rally:

In his speech, Trump criticized Biden for warning Israel that it would not supply weapons if the country launched a ground offensive against the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip.

The former president also declared that he will support Israel in “war on terrorism” and said he doesn’t care if the opinion is “good or bad politically”. The information is from The New York Times.

Who is Roger Stone

Roger Stone is a political strategist and ally of Donald Trump. He was sentenced to 3 years and 4 months in prison for 7 crimes (read the full indictment in English), but paid bail of US$250,000 and was released in 2020.

Stone was also involved in the investigation against WikiLeaks – the organization responsible for releasing emails from Democrats during the 2016 election campaign. He was accused of making false statements to Congress and interfering with witness testimony.

The strategist has a documentary on Netflix: “Get Me Roger Stone” (2017), which tells his professional trajectory and how the political environment works in the United States.


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