Russian President Vladimir Putin declared on Thursday (5) that fragments of a hand grenade were found in the bodies of the former head of the Wagner group, Yevgueny Prigozhin, and other people who were on board the plane that crashed on 23 of August.

:: Speculation about Prigozhin’s death has ‘political convenience’ for the Kremlin ::

According to him, the report by the head of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, indicated there was no external impact on the aircraft. Putin added that the investigation has not yet been completed.

“The question probably hangs in the air: what happened to the company’s leadership [militar privada]. The head of the Investigative Committee informed me the other day that fragments of hand grenades were found in the bodies of those killed in the plane crash. There was no external impact on the aircraft. This is an already established fact, the result of an examination conducted by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation,” Putin said.

The Russian president’s statement came during his participation in the Valdai International Discussion Forum. According to the leader, no test was carried out to check the presence of alcohol or drugs in the victims’ blood, but Putin noted that he believes this should have been done.

“We know that after the notorious events at the company in St. Petersburg, the FSB discovered not only 10 billion in cash, but also five kilograms of cocaine. In my opinion, such an examination should have been carried out, but it was not carried out,” Putin added.

Yevgueny Prigozhin’s plane crashed in the Tver region on August 23, two months after the mutiny by the Wagner private military group. All ten people on board died. The former commander of the mercenary organization, Dmitry Utkin, was also one of the victims of the plane crash.

Editing: Leandro Melito


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