The country’s statement came after a report from the US government stated that Beijing invests in disinformation

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said this Saturday (September 30, 2023) that the United States is the “true empire of lies” after the release of a US government report during the week that accuses Beijing of investing in disinformation.

The report released by the US Department of Defense on Thursday (September 28, 2023) states that the Chinese government “manipulates the media through censorship, data collection and secret purchases of foreign media”. Here is the full report (PDF – 303 kB, in English).

Still according to the document, Beijing suffered “hard setbacks” because there was resistance from local media and civil society. The report was prepared by the US government at the request of Congress, with the aim of “detail the manipulation of state information” da China.

“The report disregarded the facts and is in itself false information. The US State Department agencies that produced the report were the source of false information and the command post of ‘cognitive warfare’.”said the Chinese ministry.


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