The efforts of the defense industry are a decisive point for Russia’s future victory over Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin declared this Wednesday (18) at a meeting with workers in the city of St. Petersburg.

From the point of view of the final result and victory, which is inevitable, there are several things present, among them the courage and heroism of our combatants and, of course, the work of the military-industrial complex”, he expressed.

Putin noted that Russia produces three times more air defense missiles per year than the United States, and in general, the country’s defense industry creates approximately the same number of missiles for various purposes as all other countries.

He also assured that industry, the state of public finances, the social sphere, support for families, health, create the bases for the effective development of the Eurasian nation.

This is the unity and solidarity of Russians and, in general, the Russian multinational people“, he emphasized.

He also rejected the veneration of current Kiev authorities for Stepan Bandera, an accomplice of Adolf Hitler, adding that “the Ukrainian military continues the practice of detachments, the execution of civilians in the Donbass and adjacent territories“.

He stressed that the Russian people will protect people who are victims of discrimination and aggression just because they are native speakers of the Russian language.

On February 24 last year, Putin announced the start of a military operation to “demilitarize and denazify” Ukraine and ensure the security of the Russian Federation.

Source: Prensa Latina, direct from Moscow


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