Firefighters from São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo board a flight this Wednesday (8) to Turkey to help rescue victims of the earthquake that hit the country and Syria. The earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale has already killed more than 12,000 people, with the UN estimating that number to reach 20,000.

The 41-person team includes 22 firefighters from São Paulo, six from Minas Gerais and six from Espírito Santo, in addition to two military doctors and two members of the São Paulo Civil Defense. Four sniffer dogs will also go on the mission.

Professionals will take specific equipment for search and rescue in structures that have collapsed, such as struts and hydraulic and pneumatic tools. The team and equipment will be transported in two Brazilian Air Force (FAB) planes, in a mission coordinated by the Brazilian Cooperation Agency, linked to Itamaraty.

On the day of the earthquake, Itamaraty released a note and stated that it would look for ways to help the victims. “Through the Brazilian Cooperation Agency and in coordination with the countries in the affected areas, the Brazilian government is providing ways to offer humanitarian aid to the populations affected by the earthquake”, the folder had informed. There is, so far, no news of Brazilians killed or injured.

With this initiative, Brazil joins several other countries that have already sent support and rescue teams to the area affected by the earthquake. The European Union (EU), in addition to 19 of its member countries, have already mobilized teams. Germany sent a team of 50 professionals and seven sniffer dogs, and is preparing to send emergency generators, tents and water treatment equipment.

The United States sent about 100 firefighters and structural engineers from Los Angeles, as well as six sniffer dogs. The government of Israel announced the sending of 150 professionals, including engineers, doctors and social workers. Russia, China, Greece, Libya, Pakistan, India, the United Kingdom and Australia also announced the deployment of teams to the earthquake site.


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