Together with the union and the opposition party, the farmers organized a march that mobilized hundreds in Warsaw

Polish farmers held an action this Friday (May 10, 2024) against the European Union’s new climate agenda. The demonstration, supported by the union Solidarnosc (in Portuguese, Solidariedade), had more than 100 thousand people on the streets of Warsaw.

The protesters’ main target was the European Green Deal, which imposes restrictions on agriculture in Europe to contain climate change. In addition to the farmers, members of the conservative party PiS (Law and Justice, in translation) supported the march.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk was widely criticized for supporting pro-European Union policies. According to the Associated Pressthe protest paralyzed the bloc’s office in Warsaw.

Currently, farmers receive subsidies from the government estimated at US$525 million.

On X (formerly Twitter), Tusk attributed the protest to an opposition maneuver. “PiS no longer hides its intentions. I don’t think anyone believes that farmers want to leave the EU and the subsidy system“, these.


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