Nicanor Boluarte Zegarra, former deputy minister of Labor, was detained alongside President Dina Boluarte’s lawyer

Nicanor Boluarte Zegarra, brother of the president of Peru, Dina Boluarte, was preventively arrested this Friday (May 10, 2024). He is accused of corruption and influence peddling. Peruvian police searched the apartment of Nicanor, who was Minister of Labor, and seized his belongings.

Mateo Castañeda, Dina Boluarte’s lawyer, was also detained. The Peruvian Public Ministry declared that the detainees are suspected of influence peddling in the appointment of mayors and sub-mayors.

Both will be detained without the right to communicate for 10 days. In the country, this type of detention is applied to crimes considered serious.

Last Thursday (May 9), the government disabled the police team that carried out the arrest warrant against Zegarra and Castañeda.

Without mentioning his older brother’s arrest, Boluarte spoke at a Ministry of Justice seminar. “Let’s not get distracted by minor matters. We believe in justice in the country”he stated.


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