The plenary of the Congress of Peru rejected this Tuesday (04/04) the first vacancy motion presented against President Dina Boluarte.

With 37 votes in favor, 64 against and ten abstentions, the unicameral Peruvian legislature decided to shelve an initiative presented by the left-wing benches, by which it was intended to hold the president responsible for the 72 deaths recorded during the protests that have been taking place in the country with some frequency since December past.

The vacancy motion is a legislative instrument similar to the impeachment process in Brazil. Furthermore, it was the instrument by which former President Pedro Castillo was removed from office last December. [aliás, foi justamente aquele processo de moção de vacância que desencadeou os recentes protestos no país].

The initiative against Boluarte was presented by the Democratic Change, Free Peru and the Together for Peru coalition.

The proposal did not have the support of the right-wing parties Força Popular, Avança País and Aliança para o Progresso, which form the largest group in the country’s unicameral Congress. Other centrist political forces, such as the Morado Party and Popular Action, preferred to abstain.

According to congressional regulations, 52 votes were required. [de um total de 130 parlamentares]to approve the opening of proceedings against Boluarte

If the process advanced to the final vote, it would take 87 votes to determine the dismissal of the representative.

With information from La República.


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