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This Thursday (6), the French population again took to the streets to protest against the imposition of the pension reform by President Emmanuel Macron.

This was the 11th day of protests and was marked by the invasion of the BlackRock building in Paris – one of the main heritage managers in the world – and the protest in front of the La Rotonde coffee shop, which is frequented by President Macron. The cafeteria awning was the target of a flare and caused a fire principle. Both locations are in Paris.

The French Ministry of the Interior indicated that 11,000 police were deployed to quell the demonstrations.

The acts returned after the failure of negotiations between unions and Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne, on Wednesday (5). Neither side gave in and they are waiting for the decision of the Constitutional Council, which should take place on April 14th.

The unions demand the withdrawal of the Law that brings as its main change the increase in the minimum age to retire from 62 to 64 years.

The previous day of protests on March 28 was marked by violence, arrests and more than 13,000 security agents on the streets, 5,500 of which in Paris – the main focus of the protests.

See the BlackRock invasion recorded by French journalist Clément Lanot:

Protests at La Rotonde:

Marching protesters:

*CNN information, Clement Lanot/CLPress


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