Students in favor of the Palestinian cause occupied the building at Sciences Po and those in favor of Israel reacted and walked to the place

The Paris Police intervened in tension between a pro-Israel group and protesters carrying out demonstrations in support of Palestine at Sciences Po (Paris Institute of Political Studies) this Friday (April 26, 2024). There were no records of arrests. The information is from the international news agency Reuters.

Dressed in traditional Palestinian Keffiyeh scarves, pro-Palestinian students occupied one of the university’s buildings. They demand a position from the institution regarding the conflicts in Gaza. The protest triggered a reaction from those in favor of Israel, who walked towards the building with Israeli flags.

Watch videos of pro-Gaza acts below:


The protests in France mark the beginning of the expansion of demonstrations in favor of the Palestinians to other countries. The acts began at universities in the United States.

According to the newspaper New York Timesat least 39 North American universities registered pro-Gaza acts until this Friday (April 26). The police intervened in 15 and arrested more than 400 students in the country for violating the rules. In some cases, there were anti-Semitic speeches, pro-Hamas demonstrations and intimidation of Jewish students.

Harvard, Princeton, Brown, Columbia, Yale, Cornell and the University of Pennsylvania, which are part of the Ivy League (group of the best universities in the USA), registered acts. Only Dartmouth College did not organize camps.


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