According to the North Korean government, new tests must still be carried out before “expanded” use on battlefields.

North Korea said this Monday (12.Feb.2024) that it developed with “success” a new ballistic control system for a multiple rocket launcher. According to the government, the fact will mark a “qualitative change” in its defensive capabilities.

Pyongyang declared that the system must undergo other tests in the coming days and then have its “expanded role” on the battlefields.

The country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, had declared on Thursday (8.Feb.2024) that would not hesitate to use all its military power to eliminate the “enemies” if any of them used force against the North Koreans.

“If enemies try to use force against our country, we will make the bold decision to change history and will not hesitate to use all of our superpower to eliminate them”these.


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