Without consensus for a joint statement, the financial G20 released as a final statement a text focused on combating inequality that brings advances from the perspective of international taxation. This is the assessment of the Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad. Despite not closing the meeting with a joint text, the minister assesses that the meeting was “a success, with an apotheotic ending”.

“The debates took place as we imagined, the themes proposed by Brazil were very well accepted and the theme of inequality was especially valued”, said Haddad at a press conference on Thursday night (29). The Brazilian minister also points out that there has been progress in relation to the proposal to tax great fortunes in the world. “It is an agenda that was welcomed as pertinent and welcome, so that we can have a horizon for deepening this topic.”

The issue of wars in the Gaza Strip and Ukraine caused divergences between the countries and made it impossible for the countries to draft together, which were discussed at the diplomatic G20, which brought together foreign ministers from the member countries in Rio de Janeiro. Without reaching a consensus in this previous meeting, they ended up “contaminating” the G20 financial discussion in São Paulo, assesses the minister.

“We had hoped that more sensitive geopolitical issues would be discussed in the diplomatic sherpa [G20 diplomático]. But as a common writing was not reached in Rio de Janeiro, this ended up contaminating the consensus in ours. Regarding the topics affecting our group, we reached an absolutely consensual wording.”

The text published on Thursday night (29) came out as a “chair statement”, an official statement from the G20 presidency, written by Haddad, which presents the nine points that reached consensus in the economic part.

“In 2024, we will focus on mainstreaming inequality as a key policy concern; enhancing the representation and voice of developing countries in decision-making in global economic and financial institutions to provide more effective, credible, accountable and legitimate institutions,” highlights the text, which brings the nine points agreed between the countries.

On Global

The theme of greater participation of countries from the Global South in international governance also marked the discussions at the financial G20, which under the presidency of Brazil brought as themes the fight against inequalities, hunger and poverty.

“I believe that Brazil has a role to play, a legitimacy to exercise on issues that need to be addressed and are not always represented in the G20. When we talk about a sustainable, socially fair, environmentally correct, fiscally responsible reglobalization, we are also defending the interests of the population of the planet who are not here”, highlighted Haddad.

Check out the final text of the meeting (in English) here.

Editing: Thalita Pires

Source: www.brasildefato.com.br

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