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Nicaragua is preparing a series of events to honor Augusto César Sandino. The celebrations will begin this Wednesday (21), the 90th anniversary of the assassination of the “general of free men and national hero of Nicaragua”.

On February 21, 1934, Sandino was murdered in Campo Marte, in the city of Managua, capital of the Republic of Nicaragua.

The revolutionary was shot along with two members of his General Staff, he as Supreme Chief of the Army in Defense of the National Sovereignty of Nicaragua and generals Francisco Estrada and Juan Pablo Umanzor.

The vice president of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo, stated that Sandino was ambushed, betrayed and murdered, however, his achievement, greatness and honorable conviction of “Liberate the Homeland or Die!”

“Sandino was ambushed, betrayed and murdered, but his deeds, his greatness and his honorable conviction of a free homeland or death remained engraved in the soul of the people. Us; who fight to win, and in the great spirit of the Nicaraguan people who continued to fight all the necessary battles with the Sandinista National Liberation Front”,

Murillo informs that Sandino and the Heroes of Monimbó will be honored throughout the country between February 21st and 26th. Activities include all types of events such as: events, walks and meetings to honor the country, Sandino and the heroes.

“We will dawn on the 21st with offerings at monuments to the generals and our general Sandino across the country, in all institutions we will be singing our sacred national anthem and the historical anthem of the evolutionary continuity of Sandino’s feat, the historical anthem of the Sandinista Front of National Liberation, as well as el avioncito, a song by Cabrerita; reiterating that we are free, that Sandino is and will be, that we always go beyond what we have achieved, we are free and will never be slaves again”, he added.

According to Murillo, around 15 thousand activities, including cultural and recreational events, will be held in Nicaragua during the period. There will be five thousand sporting activities of different denominations; in addition to more than a thousand events organized by the Ministry of Economy and more than 1,300 health fairs.


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