The State Governor, Kathy Hochul, signs 2 texts that seek to protect the mental health and privacy of minors

The governor of the State of New York, Kathy Hochul (Democrat), signed into law this Thursday (June 20, 2024) two laws aimed at protecting children and adolescents against internet harm.

The 1st text, the Safe (Stop the exploitation of addictive feeds, in Portuguese), requires the authorization of those responsible for children under 18 to use social media with feeds powered by algorithms. It also prohibits platforms from sending notifications to people in the midnight to 6 am age group.

The 2nd law, the New York Child Data Protection Act, limits the collection of data on children and adolescents without prior consent. Furthermore, it prohibits the sale of this information.

Hochul celebrated the signing of the legislation. “Proud to sanction these country-leading bills. It’s time for other states to follow suit.”, these no X (ex-Twitter).


The need for legislation on the use of the internet by minors is a point of agreement between Republicans and Democrats.

The governors of Florida, Ron DeSantis, (Republican) and Maryland, Wes Moore, (Democrat) have already sanctioned similar measures.

Laws seek to protect children on the internet, both in terms of mental health and privacy. Companies that violate the rules could be fined $5,000 per infraction.

However, there is still no significant progress in establishing federal laws.


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