Plane picked up Christopher Luxon after Air Force aircraft had trouble in Papua New Guinea

New Zealand Prime Minister Christopher Luxon and his entourage were rescued by an Air New Zealand commercial flight after the official Air Force aircraft malfunctioned during a stopover in Papua New Guinea on Monday (June 17). 2024).

The Boeing 757, which was transporting Luxon, businesspeople and journalists to Japan, had problems with the electrical circuit, making it impossible to continue the trip. The fault was identified during an unscheduled fuel stop. Despite efforts to repair the defect, the aircraft was unable to continue, as reported by local media and confirmed by the prime minister’s office.

According to the news agency Reuters, because of the incident, the president of Air New Zealand, who was part of the delegation, diverted a commercial flight heading to Tokyo, rescuing the group stranded in Port Moresby. The diversion caused a delay of around two hours for passengers on the commercial flight.

New Zealand Defense Minister Judith Collins expressed in an interview with Newstalk ZB that recurring problems with New Zealand Air Force aircraft are “shameful” and indicated that the government is considering using commercial flights for future official trips.


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