According to the Israeli military, Michel Nisenbaum was killed on October 7, 2023 and his body was taken to the Gaza Strip

The daughter of Brazilian Michel Nisenbaum, Hen Mahlouf Nisenbaum, said she was with the “heartbroken” with the death of his father.

According to the Israel Defense Forces, he was killed in the offensive on October 7, 2023, carried out by Hamas in Israel, and his body was taken by the extremists to the Gaza Strip, where they were found on Thursday (23 May. 2024).

The Israeli military also reported that it recovered the bodies of two other people in the operation carried out in Jabalia, north of Gaza: Hanan Yablonka and Orion Hernandez.

“Who would have thought that this would be our story, that this would be the end of it”, wrote Hen Mahlouf on his Facebook profile. According to her, the burial will be held on Sunday (May 26).

Hen Mahlouf and Mery Shohat, Nisenbaum’s daughter and sister, came to Brazil in December 2023 to meet with President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT). According to the family, the PT member said he would seek information and try to negotiate his release.

On May 12, 2024, Ayala Harel, Nisenbaum’s niece, told the Poder360 that the family was never contacted again by Lula or the Brazilian embassy. She said that family members were disappointed in Lula.

The PT member mourned his death this Friday (May 24).

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Minister Mauro Vieira had tried to obtain information from Arabs and multilateral bodies, but was unsuccessful. The ministry confirmed that it did not make new contact with Nisenbaum’s family.


Michel Nisenbaum was 59 years old. Born in Niterói (RJ), he had lived near the Gaza Strip for 40 years. He was kidnapped on the morning of October 7, when he had gone to a military post to meet family. A Hamas member answered his phone when the family tried to call. His car was found burned and his computer was rescued in Gaza.


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