Businessman commented on a post about the document released by the US Congress that lists the minister’s requests to ban profiles

The owner of “Certainly interfered in the elections in Brazil.”

The statement was made when commenting on a publication by the journalist Michael Shellenberger, author of the report on Twitter Files Brazil, stating that the magistrate ordered the banning of more than 150 political profiles from social media.

Moraes demanded these bans in secret processes, without explanation or means of recourse, and on social media platforms. Given elected leaders’ dependence on social media, these ban demands could constitute electoral interference.”said the journalist.

The information cited by Shellenberger appears in the document released by the Judicial Affairs Committee of the United States House of Representatives. know more in this report.

In the document, the commission accuses the magistrate of “censor” any Brazilian opposition with “a platform for criticism” to the current “left-wing government”in reference to the president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT). The text mentions the clash between X and Moraes that has been going on since Elon Musk, owner of the social network, called the magistrate a “dictator” e said the minister should be impeached.

It also says that, according to reports from the platform, X is being “forced” by court decisions blocking certain accounts in the country and talks about“attacks on freedom of expression” No brazil.


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