Two institutions and 4 people were penalized for alleged human rights violations against Palestinians

The European Council decided this Friday (April 19, 2024) to impose sanctions against 4 immigrants and two Israeli organizations in the West Bank. They were accused of “serious human rights violations against Palestinians” such as torture and other treatments considered inhuman or degrading.

According to the statement, they also violated the right to property and to private and family life of Palestinians in the West Bank – a region with a Palestinian majority surrounded by Israeli settlements. Here is the full text (PDF – 245 KB).

The organizations listed are Lehava, a group of “right-wing Jewish supremacy”, and Hilltop Youth, a group of young people known for violent acts against Palestinians and their villages in the West Bank. Two people from Hilltop Youth, Meir Ettinger and Elisha Yered, are also listed. According to the European Council, both were involved in attacks against Palestinians in 2015 and 2023.

Also included were Neria Ben Pazi, accused of repeatedly attacking Palestinians in the cities of Wadi Seeq and Deir Jarir since 2021, and Yinon Levi, who according to the European Union, took part in several violent acts against neighboring villages on the Mitarim agricultural farm.

“The European Council strongly condemned violence by extremists, stating that perpetrators must answer for their actions. He also called for speeding up work aimed at adopting targeted restrictive measures.”the statement said.

Including the sanctions imposed this Friday (19 April), the European Union has 108 people and 28 entities penalized for human rights violations. They are subject to asset freezing and the prohibition of funds or economic resources made available directly or indirectly for their own benefit. A travel ban to the European Union is also applied to people on the list.


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