Argentine President declared that this is the “sole cause of inflation” and that he will send a proposal to the Legislature

The president of Argentina, Javier Milei, announced on Friday (June 22, 2024) a bill to make the issuance of currency a crime against humanity. The statement was made during an event in Madrid (Spain).

“The fiscal tap is closed, the financial tap is closed, the external tap is closed. Not only for a system of free monetary competition, but at the same time we will declare the issuance of money a crime against humanity”, said Miley.

And he added: “If they issue money, the president of the nation, the Minister of Economy, the president of the Central Bank, the entire board of directors and deputies and senators who approve these measures will be arrested”.

During the event, Milei also defended his “chainsaw” policy of reducing the State. “Voting on the budget with a fiscal deficit is deeply immoral because it means paying for today’s party with future taxes. They’re going to have to kill me, they’re going to have to take me out of Casa Rosada [sede do governo argentino] so that there is a fiscal deficit”, he stated.

The president defended that the plans “anti-poverty generates more poverty”going against welfare policy. “Our goal is not to give people fish, but to teach them how to fish, teach them to be entrepreneurs and, if possible, to have their own fishing company”these.

The speech was made one day after Milei called on Argentine governors to sign the “May Pact” on July 9. It is a national agreement to encourage private initiative and reduce State participation as a way of relieving public finances.

The Argentine arrived in Spain on Friday (June 21) to receive an award from the Juan de Mariana Institute for his “exemplary defense of the ideas of freedom”.

Upon arriving in the Spanish capital, the president of Argentina was received by Spanish supporters shouting “Freedom, freedom” e “Milei dear, Spain is with you”.

Watch (1min30s):

Milei’s trip takes place almost 1 month after the start of diplomatic tensions between Argentina and Spain.

The relationship was shaken after Milei called the Spanish Prime Minister’s wife, Begoña Gómez, a “corrupt” during a right-wing conference in Madrid.


On May 19, Milei participated in an event organized by the right-wing party Vox in Madrid. During his speech, Milei declared that Pedro Sánchez had a “corrupt woman”.

In the video below, Milei’s participation begins at 2:34. The speech that angered the Spanish minister begins at 2:55:

The Spanish administration asked for a public retraction, but the Argentine government said that Milei would not apologize for his remarks. In response, Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs recalled the country’s ambassador to Buenos Aires.


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