Edmundo González Urrutia and Enrique Márquez did not sign the agreement to respect the results of the Venezuelan election

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said that former ambassador Edmundo González Urrutia, from the Unitary Platform group, and Enrique Márquez, from the Centrados party, are planning a coup d’état. Both did not participate in the signing of the agreement to respect the results of the Venezuelan election. The information is from AFP.

Of the 10 candidates in this year’s elections in Venezuela, 8 went to the National Electoral Council last Thursday (June 20, 2024) to sign an agreement that recognizes the results of the Presidential elections.

Elections are scheduled for July 28th. The presidential campaign officially begins on July 4th.

“Why do you think they [González e Márquez] Didn’t they sign the agreement to respect the CNE and the results? Because they intend to scream fraud, because they intend to give a coup d’état”Maduro told supporters.

In a statement, González said that he did not sign the agreement because it is already established in the constitutional framework between the Venezuelan government and the opposition, mediated by Norway and with the participation of the United States. He also said that the document was imposed unilaterally.

Enrique Márquez also referred to the agreement as “unilateral”. In a speech, he said that the document is “useless because it is redundant, absolutely incomplete and ignorant of reality”.

“I would be interested in debating this document and, if it is the result of a debate between all candidates,” he stated.

González is Maduro’s main opponent in this year’s elections. Last Friday (June 21, 2024), 10 elected Venezuelan mayors were disqualified from holding public office for the next 15 years after declaring support for the opponent.

Source: https://www.poder360.com.br/internacional/maduro-acusa-adversarios-politicos-de-planejar-um-golpe-de-estado/

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