The case took place this Friday (April 19) in an area reserved for protesters in Manhattan; he was rescued by police

A man, identified by the New York police as Maxwell Azzarello, set himself on fire this Friday (April 19, 2024) in front of the Manhattan courthouse where former US President Donald Trump is being tried on a bribery charge. .

The incident took place around 1:35 pm local time (2:35 pm Brasília time) and was accidentally broadcast by media outlets covering the trial. Azzarello was across the street from the courthouse, in an area reserved for protesters, when he started the fire. The police were called and he was transported to an ambulance while still alive.

Watch (1min20s):

There are suspicions that the act was a protest, but no information has been confirmed. According to the Fox NewsAzzarello threw a pile of leaflets around himself before dousing himself with gasoline and setting himself on fire.

The incident coincided with the moment when the official jury for the trial was announced. Trump is being accused of tax fraud in a case in which he allegedly bribed a porn actress.

Bribery accusations against Trump

The former president is accused of having transferred around US$130,000 during the 2016 presidential campaign so that porn actress Stormy Daniels would not disclose an alleged extramarital affair between them. The Republican denies the allegations.

Since the hearing was scheduled on March 25, he points out “electoral interference”. This is because Americans go to the polls in November for presidential elections. President Joe Biden is seeking re-election and must have Trump as his main opponent.


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