Authorities will search for Robert Card in the Androscoggin River; man suspected of killing 18 people in shooting attack

The Maine State Police, in the United States, stated this Friday (27.Oct.2023) that they had received at least 530 reports about the location of Robert Card, 40 years old, suspected of a shooting attack carried out on Wednesday night (25.Oct) ​​in the city of Lewiston.

To reporters, Maine Public Safety Commissioner Mike Sauschuc said he was working “24 hours a day” to find the suspect.

“With every minute that passes, we become more and more worried because what is the next thing that could happen? We understand this and that is why we are working 24/7”he said when asked about a possible loss of the shooter’s trail.

Sauschuc also announced that officers will search the Androscoggin River, which runs through Lewiston and Lisbon. “Let’s put divers in the water”, he stated. Airlifts and sonar will also be used to help divers search for evidence, according to the commissioner.

It was in the city of Lisbon, on the banks of the river, that security agents found a parked car belonging to Card. Police believe the man used the vehicle to escape.

The commissioner also stated that members of the security force and FBI agents found a note left by the suspect when they carried out search warrants on properties belonging to Card’s family in the city of Bowdoin on Thursday night (Oct 26). Sauschuc, however, did not detail the content of the note.

Regarding the victims of the shooting, Sauschuc said authorities have not yet identified 10 of the 18 people killed or notified their families.


A shooting attack on Wednesday night (October 25, 2023) that resulted in the deaths of 18 people in the city of Lewiston, Maine, began shortly before 7 pm (local time). The first shots were fired at the Just-in-time Recreation bowling club, at around 6:56 pm (local time).

According to the Maine State Police, 7 people were found dead at the bowling alley, 6 men and one woman.

About 12 minutes later, at 7:08 pm (local time), police received several calls reporting that a man had entered Schemengees restaurant and bar and began shooting. In this 2nd location, 8 people died, all men. Possible motivations for the attack were not disclosed.

Another 3 people were shot at the scene and were rescued, but they did not survive their injuries and died in hospital.

At 8:06 p.m., police released a photo of the suspect to the media. More than an hour later, at 9:26 p.m., the Lewiston Police Department received a call identifying the man in the photos as 40-year-old Robert Card, a U.S. Army reservist. He resides in the neighborhood of Bowdoin, in the State of Maine.

At around 10 pm, police in the city of Lisbon, in the State of Maine, notified Lewiston police about a car belonging to Robert Card. According to authorities, Card “should be considered armed and dangerous”.

So far, there is no information regarding the suspect’s location.

According to US Army records obtained by CNNCard is an oil supply specialist and first enlisted in 2002. He did not participate in combat missions.


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