President of the Venezuelan Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez, says that the members of the mission are “rude, bastards, scoundrels, illegal and illegitimate”

The president of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Jorge Rodríguez, he requested on Tuesday (May 14, 2024) the cancellation of the invitation to the EU (European Union) mission to observe the country’s presidential elections. The election is scheduled to be held on July 28 this year.

“My suggestion is that we send a letter, signed by the leadership of the National Assembly, to the courageous president of the CNE [Comissão Nacional Eleitoral]Elvis Amoroso, asking him to withdraw the invitation made to the EU, because they are rude, bastards, scoundrels, illegal and illegitimate”these Rodríguez in one session.

Through your profile on X (formerly Twitter), the president of the National Assembly also said that “the EU’s bias is evident, as what it wants is for power in Venezuela to be held by a puppet of the United States”.

The inclusion of international observers in the elections was a commitment established in the Barbados Agreement, aiming to ensure the transparency and legitimacy of the presidential election. Rodríguez’s request could compromise the presence of the EU observation mission, which had already been confirmed and participated in the 2021 regional elections.

The presence of electoral entities is seen as crucial for the Venezuelan opposition, which sees international observation as a guarantee of competitiveness for the elections.

In 2021, the EU observation mission, despite noting improvements compared to previous elections, identified serious democratic flaws, leading to his expulsion by the Maduro government.

On Monday (May 13th) the European bloc withdrew 4 Venezuelans from the sanctions list to demonstrate support for the conduct of elections and strengthen the electoral process in Venezuela.

Removed from the sanctions list the president of the National Electoral Council of Venezuela, Elvis Amoroso, and 3 former employees of the body: the former secretary general Xavier Moreno Reyes, and the former directors Socorro Hernández and Leonardo Morales Poleo


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