French president said that Europe must take the opportunity to build its position as a “3rd pole” among countries

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, stated that Europe has no interest in accelerating the crisis in relation to Taiwan and defended a “strategic autonomy” to prevent European countries from being “vassals” from the United States and China.

In his evaluation, it is possible to occupy the position of “3rd pole” between countries. The statement was given in an interview with the French newspaper The echoes Published this Sunday (9.Apr.2023).

Macron returned from a trip to China, where he met President Xi Jinping. On the same date as the interview, the Chinese military simulated precision strikes against Taiwan. It was the 2nd day of exercises around the island.

The worst would be to think that we Europeans should follow suit in this matter and adapt to the American pace and Chinese exaggeration.“, he stated.

Macron said Europe must seize the opportunity to build an alternative position between the US and China.

If there is an acceleration of the duopoly conflagration, we will have neither the time nor the means to finance our strategic autonomy and we will become vassals while we can be the 3rd pole if we have a few years to build it.“, he declared.

In Macron’s assessment, without strategic autonomy there is a risk of Europe falling out of history.

Strategic autonomy must be Europe’s struggle. We don’t want to depend on others in critical matters. The day you no longer have a choice of energy, how to defend yourself, social networks, artificial intelligence because we no longer have the infrastructure in these matters, you leave history for a moment“, these.


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