Newspapers from all over the world highlighted Lula’s inauguration ceremony, this Sunday (1st). Mostly the main American newspapers highlighted Bolsonaro’s embarrassing absence, suggesting that he would have fled to Florida to avoid facing the investigations that are accumulating against his government. Comparisons to national trauma and the dark plunge into the controversial Donald Trump administration were inevitable.

The cover of The New York Times drew attention for its centrality and irony with Bolsonaro. The newspaper recalls the flood of investigations into the former president’s misdeeds and suggested that he is using the US for an escape.

The NYT also highlighted the fact that the ceremony was super-elaborated due to the festivities, shows, security, parades, popular participation and symbologies. The emphasis on the rhetoric of democratic recovery, present throughout the ceremony, is also at the center of the journalistic text, due to Bolsonarist threats:

“Under the winds of redemocratization, we used to say: ‘Dictatorship never again’”, said Lula. “Today, after the terrible challenge we have overcome, we must say: ‘Democracy forever’.”

The New York Times (EUA)

The newspaper “The New York Times” highlighted Lula’s inauguration on its website.

The newspaper 'The New York Times' highlighted Lula's inauguration on its website — Photo: Reproduction
Lula becomes president of Brazil, with Bolsonaro in Florida

The Post also highlighted Bolsonaro’s “missing”: “The outgoing leader once again appeared to follow the lead of his close ally, Donald Trump, who also missed the inauguration of his successor, President Biden, in 2020.”

The comparison contrasts with the description of the moving symbolism of the passage of the banner by Brazilian citizens, made possible by the ex-president’s escape through the back door. After the terrorist threats by Bolsonarist demonstrators, the newspaper highlighted the tranquility of Sunday’s festivities, thanks to reinforced security. He also spoke of the pro-Lula festivities that spread throughout the city and surroundings, despite the apprehensive atmosphere of the previous days.

The Washington Post (EUA)

“The Washington Post” drew attention to Bolsonaro’s absence from the ceremony.

O "The Washington Post" drew attention to Bolsonaro's absence at the ceremony — Photo: Reproduction
Lula sworn in as president of Brazil;
Bolsonaro misses the inauguration

Xinhua (China)

The main Chinese newspaper was formal when it announced in a headline: Lula takes office as president of Brazil and emphasizes unity and reconstruction. But it brought extensive photo coverage from its own photographers and a featured video with reporter in place at the Palace. He stressed that Lula was committed to resolving the current crises and challenges faced by Brazil and will promote Brazil’s return to the ranking of the world’s leading economies.

The state newspaper also highlighted, of course, that Lula will promote multilateral diplomacy, actively develop cooperative relations with China, the United States, the European Union and other international partners, and will strengthen the role of multilateral mechanisms such as the Common Market of the South and the BRICS countries. , the block led by China.

It also brought a report, this Monday, on the signing of an environmental decree to protect the Amazon and other biomes, a few hours after taking office, in a direct signal to the rest of the world.

Lula takes office as president of Brazil, emphasizes unity and reconstruction

The Guardian (UK)

The British “The Guardian” highlighted Lula’s speech about recovering Brazil from the “devastation” of the Bolsonaro era. He quotes Lula’s phrases about the period of darkness, uncertainty and great suffering and the call for the country to unite against hatred and lies.

Even at the beginning of the text, the report cited the protesters’ screams and told reports from the crowd: “No amnesty! No amnesty!” the crowd screamed at Bolsonaro, whom many want to bring to justice for sabotaging Covid containment efforts and vaccinations against a disease he called the “little flu.”

Once again, the British compare the situation in Brazil with the US under Donald Trump, saying that the future will not be one of “peach pie with cream”, just as it has not been in the US.

The British 'The Guardian' highlighted Lula's speech about recovering Brazil from the 'devastation' of the Bolsonaro era — Photo: Reproduction
‘The nightmare is over’: Lula promises to take Brazil out of Bolsonaro’s era of ‘devastation’

Sueddeutsche Zeitung (Germany)

“It was a noisy party, but one was missing.” This is how the main German newspaper begins its inauguration report, explaining how the fuss of Sunday’s ceremonies must contrast with the pathetic end of the Bolsonaro government. The beautiful scene of the banner passing is qualified as this most affronting sign of Bolsonaro’s refusal to accept defeat. “The message is that leftist Lula wants to keep ordinary people and members of minorities in his sights, unlike his predecessor, whose electorate is mostly white, religious and privileged.”

Back to the Palace.

The Nation (Argentina)

The Argentine newspaper “La Nación” broadcast live the events of Lula’s inauguration ceremony and highlighted Argentine President Alberto Fernández with Lula on the cover, making the L.

“The assumption of Lula da Silva: a third term opens a new era in Brazil”, says the headline, noting that Lula was surrounded by world leaders during the dinner. The main Argentine newspaper reported “minute by minute” everything that happened on that sunny Sunday in Brasilia.

the argentinian newspaper "The nation" transmits live the events of Lula's inauguration ceremony — Photo: Reproduction
The assumption of Lula da Silva: a third term opens a new era in Brazil

The Republic (Italy)

Italy’s “La Repubblica” drew attention to Lula’s commitment to protecting the Amazon. “Our goal is to achieve zero deforestation in the Amazon”

O "The Republic", from Italy, drew attention to Lula's commitment to protecting the Amazon.  — Photo: Playback
Brazil, Lula takes office as new president: “I am committed to putting the country back on track”

Al Jazira (Catar)

“Al Jazira” highlighted the division in Brazilian politics and the security scheme for the inauguration ceremony. The newspaper cited Lula’s appeasing rhetoric in the face of a “fiercely polarized country”, while “making a veiled threat to Bolsonaro, who faces growing legal risks for his anti-democratic rhetoric and his way of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. , now that he no longer has presidential immunity.”

Qataris also recalled Lula’s unlikely and epic trajectory from extreme poverty to the most celebrated government since redemocratization, including a controversial prison.

“I don’t think Lula will benefit from that proverbial honeymoon period that new presidents enjoy. Much of the country does not see him as a legitimate leader. He will assume a government without money with many challenges ahead”, quoted the newspaper the analysis of Gustavo Ribeiro, founder of the The Brazilian Report.

A "Al Jazeera" highlighted the divide in Brazilian politics and the security arrangements for the inauguration ceremony.  — Photo: Playback
Lula sworn in as president of divided Brazil amid tight security

Le Monde (France)

“Le Monde”, from France, also reverberated the inauguration with the following title: “Lula, phoenix of Brazilian politics, is invested as president of reconciliation”, followed by many historical photos of the ceremony. The newspaper also says that “no incident disturbed the taking of the oath organized in the absence of Jair Bolsonaro, during a long day that mixed popular jubilation and solemn declarations in favor of national peace”.

The French newspaper’s international highlights were dominated by Brazilian news (see image below).

“Lula, phoenix of Brazilian politics, is invested as president of reconciliation
Brazil: “We will work to end the denial of our rights,” warns Sonia Guajajara, Minister for Indigenous Peoples. Le Monde highlighted a special interview by the minister to the newspaper.

El País (Spain)

“El País” highlighted Lula’s commitment to end hunger in Brazil. The headline “Lula’s return returns Brazil to the world” continues to be highlighted, even this Monday, accompanied by a carousel of four beautiful images of the inauguration.

The headline is exemplified by Lula’s declaration of promising to strengthen relations with neighbors, broken during the Bolsonaro government, and a new rapprochement with the United States, the European Union and China.

O "The country" highlighted Lula's commitment to end hunger in Brazil — Photo: Reproduction
El País covered all aspects of the inauguration extensively.


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