At an Embraer event, the president says it is not “honest” for foreign companies to take graduate engineers to Brazil without “spending a penny” to train them

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) criticized this Friday (April 26, 2024) foreign companies for “to steal” Brazilian engineers. The PT member’s speech makes reference to the aircraft construction company Boeing.

“It’s not trying to ban someone from working abroad, quite the opposite, but we need to discuss that it’s not honest to come here and steal our engineers without spending a penny to train them”declared Lula at an event to hand over Embraer planes to Azul, in São José dos Campos (SP).

According to Lula, Boeing’s attempt to buy Embraer did not work out because “there was a tantrum” on company planes. After that, according to the president, the airline installed a building in Brazil to “to take” Brazilian engineers.

During his speech, the Chief Executive complained about the fact that the government invests money in training engineers and then comes “somebody” for “co-opt” the professionals.

Lula also stated that Brazil is the “biggest seller of human beings”why “There is no one more joyful and creative than the Brazilian people”. The statement did not allude to human trafficking, but rather to Brazilians who leave the country to work abroad.

In Brazil, Boeing was already sued in 2022 by Abimde (Brazilian Association of Defense and Security Materials Industries) and Aiab (Brazilian Aerospace Industries Association) to stop hiring engineers from BID (Defense Industrial Base).

At the time, the associations claimed that these constant hirings put the survival of national companies at risk and threaten the country’s sovereignty.


In 2020, Boeing gave up on buying Embraer’s commercial aviation area. Pressured by the global economic crisis caused by Covid and by internal failures, such as the halt in sales of its 737 Max model, Boeing stated that the Brazilian side did not meet the necessary conditions to close the deal valued at US$4.2 billion.

At the time, Embraer stated that Boeing terminated “unduly” the commercial aviation agreement. Earlier, the North American manufacturer announced the breakup of the deal, accusing the Brazilian side of not fulfilling parts of the commitment.


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