In a morning press conference at the National Palace, this Monday (6), Mexican President Andréz Manuel López Obrador (known as AMLO) countered an article by the former Attorney General of the United States during the Donald Trump administration (2017-2021) , William Barr, in partnership with Representative Dan Crenshaw, published in The Wall Street Journal. In the text, the authors propose the militarization of the border with Mexico with the argument that the current Mexican government tolerates groups of drug traffickers.

López Obrador also referred to the fact that on February 27, the US State Department presented its report on terrorism to Congress and mentioned in it that there is no link between Mexico and terrorist groups and that cooperation is good between the two governments.

However, Obrador expressed that “it is unacceptable that they give us certificates that say whether or not there is terrorism in the country”, and that this occurs due to “the habit of believing that they (the US) are the Government of the world”. These displays of interventionism must be rejected because Mexico is an independent and sovereign country, he said.

Regarding what was expressed by the former prosecutor and the representative in the Federal Chamber of invading another country with the excuse that they are targeting drug trafficking terrorists, the Mexican president said that, although it is pure propaganda, “we must reject all of this.”

He accused the Texas congressman of presenting a bill that seeks to authorize the use of the Armed Forces against fentanyl (a more powerful drug than heroin) traffickers, adding that he and others in his political group are always insulting Mexico for gain. electoral.

If he worries about fentanyl, as we do, we must look to Mexico and the US for the causes. There is trafficking, but why is there consumption? Why is there addiction? What is being done in the US to give young people other options?”, he questioned.

Source: Latin Press


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