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Contrary to the main members of the European Union (EU), the Nordic countries registered this Sunday (9) a strong advance by left-wing and ecological parties in the elections for the bloc’s parliament.

Sweden, Finland and Denmark, which account for 51 of the 720 seats in Brussels, saw the far right contained, contrary to what was seen in France, Germany and Italy, where nationalist and neo-Nazi parties had resounding victories.

In Sweden, the Social Democratic Party of Sweden obtained 24.9% of the votes and was left with five seats, out of the 21 reserved for the country. The Moderate Party, from the liberal spectrum, was the second most voted with 17.5% of the votes and four seats.
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The Green Party emerged as the third largest voter in the country, accounting for 13.8% of the votes and three seats.

Meanwhile, the anti-immigration party has seen a considerable retreat since the last European parliament elections in 2019. Sweden Democrats, which had hoped to gain ground to become Sweden’s second largest, had to settle for 13.2% of votes, 2.1 points below the last elections.

In Finland, the far right won one of the 15 seats allocated to the country in Brussels and just 7.6% of the vote. The Party of Finns was only in fifth place.

The left-wing party Aliança achieved a spectacular advance with 17.3% of the votes, four points more than in 2019, placing second and with three seats.

The most voted list was that of the center-right National Coalition, led by Prime Minister Petteri Orpo, which consolidated its position with 24.8% of the votes, an increase of almost four points since 2019.
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In Denmark, in a very fragmented political scenario, the Socialist People’s Party leads with 17.4%, obtaining three of the 15 seats. The Social Democratic Party, which leads the government coalition, drops to 15.6%, but also obtained three seats.

The country was rocked by an attack on Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen on Friday, when a man attacked her in a Copenhagen square. The government leader did not participate in any night election events.


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