New PM appoints Labour MPs to key positions after landslide election victory

The new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Keir Starmer (centre-left, Labour), announced his new cabinet this Friday (5.Jul.2024) just hours after taking power in a landslide victory against the Conservative Party (centre-right), led by former Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Labour won the British parliamentary elections with 33.9% of the vote, taking 412 of the 650 seats in Parliament and surpassing the absolute majority of 326 seats. The Conservatives, also known as Toriesobtained only 121 seats in the House of Commons.

The new Parliament will meet on Tuesday (9 July) to elect the Speaker of the House. The opening of the new legislature and the speech by King Charles III will take place on 17 July. Keir Starmer appointed most of his cabinet shortly after his meeting with the British monarch on Friday (5 July), when he was officially appointed Prime Minister.

Angela Rayner has been appointed Deputy Prime Minister. Rayner has been Labour’s deputy leader since 2020 and will also take on the role of Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.

Starmer also appointed Rachel Reeves as Chancellor of the Exchequer, making her the first woman to hold the second-most senior government position in 708 years. Reeves played a crucial role in the campaign and, as a former Bank of England economist, helped restore Labour’s economic credibility.

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