The Princess of Wales participated in the “Trooping the Colou” parade, in honor of the birthday of the British monarch Charles

The United Kingdom’s Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, made her first public appearance this Saturday morning (June 15, 2024) since the announcement that she is undergoing cancer treatment. The princess joined the royal family to participate in “Trooping the Colou”, a military parade marking the birthday of monarch Charles.

Images shared by Buckingham Palace show Kate alongside her three children heading to the event location in a royal carriage. According to Sky News, the princess was greatly applauded by the British.


Considered one of the most popular members of the royal family, Kate announced in March her diagnosis of abdominal cancer. The princess had her royal engagements stopped to focus on getting better and had not been seen for over 3 months.

On social media, the royal family team reported on Friday (June 14) that the princess’s chemotherapy treatment is underway and will continue for the next few months. Kate said that she should return to public engagements during the summer (Brazilian winter), but that she still “not out of danger”.


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