The Italian prime minister’s right-wing party won EU elections and made her one of the most influential leaders in Europe

Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni emerged as the big winner in the European Parliament elections, with her party of rightBrothers from Italy, winning around 29% of the votes.

The result represents a milestone in European politics, highlighting the growing influence of the right on the continent, especially considering that Meloni was the only leader of a large Western European country to emerge stronger from the election.

For Thomas Ferdinand Heye, professor at the Institute of Strategic Studies at UFF (Universidade Federal Fluminense), the new configuration of the European Parliament reaffirms not only Meloni’s leadership in Italian politics, but also increases his influence within the EU (European Union).

“The shift to the right in the European Parliament, with a significant advance of far-right parties in several countries, reflects a trend that favors Meloni’s political agenda, which defends stricter policies regarding immigration and greater national sovereignty to the detriment of centralized EU policies”said Heye in an interview with Poder360.

Meloni is known for her firm positions and ability to mobilize the radical right towards the center of political decisions. Her party, aligned with the European Conservatives and Reformists, promises to adopt a tough stance on migration issues. At the same time, it is open to greater cooperation within the European Union.

The prime minister is hosting the G7 summit in 2024, which brings together leaders of the world’s largest economies in Italy. The event, which started on Thursday (June 13), is seen as an opportunity for Meloni to consolidate its global position and assert its “novo” Italy’s role in world discussions.

“Meloni’s leadership at the G7 summit can be seen as a consecration of his political success, by offering a platform to demonstrate his global leadership, consolidate his domestic position, influence international decisions and reinforce his image as a competent statesman”there is a thief.

The rise of Meloni, with post-fascist roots and an initially skeptical stance towards the EU, created concerns. However, according to the professor, the “successful organization of the summit can improve international perception” of Meloni and his government.

“This event also offers Meloni a platform to strengthen strategic alliances and seek cooperation in areas of common interest, increasing Italy’s influence on global decisions”it says.

Her pragmatic approach to international affairs has made her a valued partner, especially in supporting Ukraine. Meloni has dedicated herself to establishing alliances both inside and outside Europe, and her role could be crucial in important votes in the European Parliament.

Recently, Meloni, who is part of the ECR (European Reformists and Conservatives), and Frenchwoman Marine Le Pen, from Identity and Democracy (ID), expelled the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party from the group.

The AfD’s withdrawal was motivated by radical statements by its members. For Heye, the action was an attempt to distance the alliance from very extreme elements, seeking a more moderate image to expand its support base. The ID must remain balanced to remain influential in the European Parliament.

According to experts, the victory in the European elections strengthens Meloni’s position on the international stage, providing him with a more solid platform to negotiate and influence decisions within the EU. “This strengthening could result in Meloni’s greater ability to shape European policies in line with his goals and those of his party”Explain.

Despite his political success and international visibility, Meloni faces internal challenges. The G7 summit, considered a “showcase” for Italy, it also highlights the need to address these domestic issues. The prime minister needs to contribute to solving a historical problem in Italy: socioeconomic inequality between the north and the mezzogiorno (southern region and islands) of the country.

Security is also an issue that concerns Italians. A survey of the State (Italian National Statistics Institute) points out that 37.8% of the population do not feel completely safe walking down the street at night.

Statistics reveal that for every 100 families, 20 have perception of the risk of crime in the area where they live. Robberies and rapes in the country increased from 2020 to 2021.

Meloni also faces strong international criticism over his administration’s anti-LGBT agenda. In March, the Italian government approved legislation that does not allow the registration of 2 fathers or 2 mothers on the birth certificate.

Meloni’s relationship with Ursula von der Leyen, current president of the European Commission, is a point of interest among diplomacy in the European Union. Center-right, von der Leyen sought rapprochement with the Italian Prime Minister, aiming for re-election to the position.

The attempt was unsuccessful. The website Politico reports that the relationship between the leaders would be “a classic example of how to keep your friends close and your potential enemies even closer.”

Despite the opposition of some European Union leaders, such as Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the Italian stands out for her ability to form alliances. In addition to Le Pen, she is friends with Viktor Orbán, Hungarian prime minister; and Santiago Abascal, leader of Vox, the main right-wing party in Spain.

Meloni is on her way to becoming one of the most relevant leaders in Europe and the G7, which is a contrast given Italy’s recent history of political instability. In the last 10 years, Italy has had 5 prime ministers.

Professor Thomas Haye states that despite the challenges, the prime minister has the capacity to remain in power due to her solid support base and well-defined political agenda. Meloni’s ability to navigate these challenges will be crucial to his longevity in power.”Explain.

This report was produced by journalism interns Ana Sanches Mião and Fernanda Fonseca under the supervision of editor Amanda Garcia.


15.jun.2024 (16h45) – Unlike what was published in this post, Meloni is part of the ECR group, and not ID. The text above has been corrected and updated


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