Hasan Rabee is part of the group of 34 people who were authorized this Friday (Nov 10) to leave the region and embark for Brazil

Palestinian naturalized Brazilian, Hasan Rabee published this Friday (10.nov.2023), on his profile on Instagramit’s difficult to leave the Gaza Strip and leave your mother and sisters behind.”no living conditions”. He is part of the group of 34 people authorized to leave the region and head to Brazil.

No X (formerly Twitter), Itamaraty said that the group “is located at the Rafah border post”, on the border with Egypt, since 7 am local time (2 am in Brasília), “waiting for a call for the necessary procedures to enter Egypt, and subsequent repatriation to Brazil”.

Hasan Rabee published a video in which he appears saying goodbye to his family. He said he hoped that “leave soon” a 2nd list with family members of Brazilians authorized to leave the Gaza Strip, “as promised” President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT).

Watch the video:

Before publishing the video, Rabee had published a photo of himself at the crossing between Rafah and Egypt. He wrote: “At the border waiting for the opening”.

In total, 588 people are authorized to leave the Gaza Strip under the new list. In addition to the 34 members of the Brazilian group, the list includes citizens from the United States (14), Canada (265), Romania (101), Indonesia (6), Poland (26), Russia (82), India (7), Albania (14), China (10), Denmark (5), Germany (8), Netherlands (2), New Zealand (12) and Malaysia (2).

Six lists of people allowed to cross the border had already been published:

Source: https://www.poder360.com.br/internacional/mais-dificil-e-deixar-minha-mae-e-irmas-diz-brasileiro-em-gaza/

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