Benny Gantz’s decision comes at a time marked by the conflict in Gaza and internal tensions in the coalition led by Netanyahu

Israel’s War Cabinet Minister, Benny Gantz, is expected to announce on Saturday (June 10, 2024) his departure from the government coalition led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The decision comes during a time marked by the conflict in Gaza and internal tensions in the country. The information is from Axios.

According to information from the digital newspaper, people close to Gantz stated that, although his departure will not promote the immediate fall of Netanyahu’s government, it could destabilize the prime minister’s government, with increased pressure from the United States and the international community on Netanyahu.

The United States fears, according to the report, that with the departure of the War Cabinet minister, Netanyahu’s government will take a more rigid approach to the war in Gaza. Gantz is seen by Americans as “moderate”.

The minister is the leader of the centrist Israel Resilience Party, and, since the start of the conflict in Gaza, he became part of the coalition with the party led by Netanyahu, the right-wing Likud.

Gantz’s entry into the emergency government, formed 4 days after the Hamas attacks on Israel on October 7, was initially seen with great popular support in Israel for demonstrating unity of opposing parties during the attack the country had suffered.


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