Images show speeches by the former president calling sailors “suckers” and dead soldiers “losers”

The campaign of the president of the United States and pre-candidate for the presidential elections for the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, published this Friday (7.Jun.2024) a video titled “What Trump thinks”, with speeches by former president Donald Trump minimizing the actions of war veterans.

In the advertisement, phrases from the Republican appear questioning the reason for visiting the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial, which has bodies of North American soldiers who fought in the First World War. “Why should I go to the cemetery? It’s full of losers”, said the Republican. Trump also calls dead sailors “suckers”.

The video was published 1 day after Biden participated in a ceremony celebrating the 80th anniversary of D-Day, in Normandy (France), in honor of the fallen veterans and in memory of the battle that took place.

Watch the campaign video (1min):

The advertisement aims to reach North American voters who are inclined to vote for Trump and who have admiration for United States war veterans.

Despite this, in voting intention pollsthe Republican has a small advantage over the Democrat in “swings states” – States considered decisive for the White House elections.

In 2 of these 6 states, Trump remains ahead. In another 3, he is numerically ahead, but tied in the margin of error.

Here are the results by state among registered voters:

  • Arizona: Trump 49% X 42% Biden;
  • Georgia: Trump 49% X Biden 39%;
  • Nevada: Trump 50% X 38% Biden;
  • Pensilvânia: Trump 47% X 44% Biden;
  • Michigan: Biden 49% X 42% Trump;
  • Wisconsin: Trump 47% X 45% Biden.


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