Israeli army says victims were part of a “Hamas terrorist cell”

Israeli soldiers dressed in civilian clothes killed 3 Palestinians this Tuesday (30 January 2024) at the Ibn Sina hospital in Jenin, in the north of the West Bank. According to the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), they were part of a “Hamas terrorist cell” and planned a new attack against Israel similar to the one on October 7, which triggered the current war in the Gaza Strip.

In a note published in Telegram, the military said that one of the dead was Mohammed Jalamneh, 27 years old. He “had contacts with Hamas headquarters abroad and was injured when he tried to carry out a car bomb attack”, according to the IDF. Jalamneh would have transferred “weapons and ammunition for terrorists in order to carry out shooting attacks” and planned “an attack inspired by the October 7th massacre”.

The other 2 dead are the brothers Mohammed Ghazawi, “terrorist agent from the Jenin battalions who was involved in several attacks“, e Basel Ghazawi, “Islamic Jihad terrorist organization agent involved in terrorist activities in the area”.

According to the IDF, the attack planned by Jalamneh would be carried out soon. The Palestinian, the military said, used the hospital as a hideout.

For a long time, wanted suspects hid in hospitals and used them as a base to plan terrorist activities and carry out terrorist attacks”, the note reads.

The Palestinian News Agency He died stated that Basel Ghazawi had been receiving treatment at the hospital since October 25. Sources inside the hospital told the publication that around 10 members of the Israeli Army special forces, disguised in civilian clothes, invaded the hospital, went to the 3rd floor and shot the 3 young people with weapons equipped with a silencer.

According to He diedPalestinian Health Minister Mai Alkaila called on the UN General Assembly (United Nations), international and human rights institutions to act to put an end to what she called “daily crimes committed” by Israel in hospitals and health centers in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.


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