The IDF said it targeted members of Hezbollah; Lebanese news agency “NNA” says the victims were civilians

Two people died this Tuesday (April 23, 2024) in Lebanon after an airstrike by the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) on the village of Hanin. One of the victims was an 11-year-old child. At least 6 people are injured, according to the international news agency Reuters based on information from the Lebanese state-owned NNA.

Earlier, Israel said it had killed two high-ranking members of the Hezbollah extremist group. The Israeli missiles hit a 2-story residential building, which collapsed upon impact.

Hezbollah defined what happened as “terrible attack” and said in a statement that it fired Katyusha missiles in retaliation for the civilian deaths.

Hezbollah X Israel

On Wednesday (April 17), a Hezbollah missile and drone attack against Israel left 14 Israeli soldiers injured. Among them, 6 are in serious condition, according to Tel Aviv.

The attack took place in response to Israeli bombings against the group, on Tuesday (April 16). The attack by the Israel Defense Forces killed commanders of the Lebanese paramilitary group.


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