According to the Israeli Army, the weapons belonged to Hamas; This Sunday (May 26), an extremist group claimed to have launched missiles towards Tel Aviv

The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) said they found this Sunday (May 26, 2024) an arsenal inside a school in Jabaliya, in northern Gaza. According to the Israeli Army, the weapons belonged to Hamas.

Weapons such as AK-47s, a type of high-caliber rifle, RPGs (rocket-propelled grenades), missiles and explosives were found at the educational institution.

“Troops located dozens of missile and weapon parts. This is further proof of the systematic exploitation of civilian institutions by the terrorist organization Hamas for its military activities.”said the Israeli Army in a statement published on its Telegram channel.


Israel returned to bombing Rafah on Saturday (May 25). The action took place 1 day after the ICJ (International Court of Justice), the main judicial body of the UN (United Nations), determined that Tel Aviv could only maintain military actions in the region in order to protect against what they consider threats from Hamas and to attempt to free hostages.

According to Al Jazeerathe state broadcaster of the Qatari monarchy, in addition to Rafah and Jabaliya, Israeli airstrikes also hit Khan Yunis, in the south, Deir Al-Balah and Nuseirat, in the center, and Gaza City, in the north.

Also this Sunday (May 26, 2024), the Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, said they had launched a “rocket series” towards Tel Aviv, in Israel. It was the first time in 4 months that alarm sirens sounded in the capital of Israel.


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