Information was released by the state agency IRNA and is based on a preliminary report on the death of the Iranian president; investigations will continue

A preliminary report prepared by the Iranian government says there is no evidence of foul play in the helicopter crash that killed Iran’s president Ebrahim Raisi. The information was released by the Iranian state agency IRNA this Friday (May 24, 2024).

An investigation team was sent to the scene of the accident last Monday (May 20, 2024) to meet elements which aim to explain what contributed to the fall.

According to the report, the helicopter carrying Ebrahim Raisi did not deviate from its route. The assessment also found that there were no traces of gunshots or similar damage, and that the aircraft caught fire after the crash, in the mountainous area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzerbaijan, northwest of Iran.

Control tower communications with the flight crew were also analyzed. According to Iranian authorities, the result of the investigation will be released as soon as the process is completed.

Remember the case

The president of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, aged 63, died last Sunday (May 19, 2024) after a helicopter crash in Azerbaijan. In addition to the Iranian president, Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, Governor of East Azerbaijan Province Malek Rahmati, cleric Hojjatoleslam Al Hashem and other officials were also in the helicopter and did not survive.

The aircraft carrying Raisi was passing through the Iranian province of East Azerbaijan, near the city of Jolfa, on the border between Iran and Azerbaijan, when it had to make a forced landing due to bad weather conditions, such as rain and strong winds.

Raisi was tipped to be Iran’s next supreme leader and succeed Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who is 85 years old.

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