President of the USA participated in a dinner with sectorists at the White House; the Republican stated that the Democrat is “corrupt”

The president and candidate for re-election of the United States, Joe Biden (Democrat), criticized his opponent Donald Trump (Republican). In an ironic tone, Biden said that the “age is a problem” for this year’s election and which is “competing with a 6 year old”in reference to Trump.

The US president’s statement was made at the annual dinner of the White House Correspondents’ Associationcreated by sectoral journalists from the White House on February 25, 1914. It was held at the Washington Hilton Hotel, in Washington, on Saturday (April 28, 2024).

Sector experts are professionals who monitor a specific subject on a daily basis.

The first dinner was in 1921. Today, is transmitted by C-Span, an American TV network that televises events in the North American federal government sector, such as Congress.

It is a tradition for the event that North American presidents participate in a more relaxed tone. Biden provoked Trump, who is 77 years old, which resulted in laughter from the audience.“Age is the only thing we have in common. My vice president [Kamala Harris] support mesaid the head of the North American Executive.

Watch the speech (9min56s):

After Joe Biden, comedian Colin Jost spoke. He said it should “recognize how refreshing it is to see a president of the United States at an event that doesn’t begin with a bailiff saying, ‘All stand!’”.

Trump spoke out in a post on Truth Social, a social network created by his startup. The businessman criticized the dinner, Biden and Jost.

“The dinner for the White House sectoral journalists was really terrible. Colin Jost was a fiasco, and Corrupt Joe was a total disaster! It couldn’t be worse than that!”said Trump.

According to the North American newspaper Washington Post, Trump never attended the dinner as president. In 2017, mainstream media threatened to boycott the event if Trump attended. The action was in protest at his criticism of the press.


In the USA, before the official election, states hold electoral previews –primaries or caucus. The objective is to choose, among the parties’ pre-candidates, the one who will represent the party in the election, scheduled for November 5th.

In the caucuses, each state organizes its primary with its own rules. There are 2 models. The traditional one, with voting on ballots, which can be open, closed or free, with only members or not. The caucus is a party meeting. Voters gather in a space to decide who the candidate will be.

In the United States, the winner of elections is not the candidate with the most popular votes, but whoever wins the majority of delegates in each state. These are distributed to the candidate with the most votes. In previews the logic is different. Delegates vote in proportion to the number of votes.

The main date of the caucuses was March 5, when voters from 16 states and 1 territory voted. The date is known as Super Tuesday (Super Tuesday, in free translation). The territories of Guam and the Virgin Islands will end previews on June 8.


In the US, no one is required by law to vote in any local, state or presidential election. According to the Constitution, voting is a right, but it is not a requirement.


The President and Vice President of the United States are elected indirectly by the Electoral College. Each State has the same number of delegates as seats in Congress (House of Deputies and Senate). There are 538 delegates.

After voting for president, the vote is counted at the state level. In 48 states and Washington DC the winner receives all of that state’s electoral votes. Maine and Nebraska assign their electors using a proportional system.

A candidate needs the votes of at least 270 delegates – more than half of the total – to win the presidential election.

Typically, a projected winner is announced on election night in November. However, the official Electoral College vote is held in mid-December when the delegates meet.

The results will be announced on January 6, 2025. Inauguration will take place on January 20.


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