In a video released by Al Jazeera, a man says that a hospital morgue in a city in the central region of the territory “collapsed”

A video recorded in Deir Al-Balah, in the central region of the Gaza Strip, shows that ice cream trucks are being used in the city to store bodies due to the capacity of the morgue at a local hospital. “The administration of Al-Aqsa Martrys hospital was forced to bring food refrigerators from Al-Awda factories and food factories to store the bodies of the martyrs. The hospital morgue collapsed.”, said the man at the register. The information is from Al Jazeera. The death toll in the armed conflict between Israel and Hamas reached 3,515 people this Saturday (October 14, 2023). Of these, 2,215 are Palestinians and at least 1,300 are Israelis.

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