Despite the international community’s reservations regarding Hamas, the conflict in the Gaza Strip increasingly exposes the image of the State of Israel. In addition to the open contempt for the Palestinian cause – disguised as combating terrorism – the Israeli government has promoted humanitarian crimes that shock the world.

On Sunday (10), the WHO (World Health Organization) gave figures on the genocide. Of the nearly 17,000 Palestinians killed as a result of bombings in Gaza, around 7,700 are children. The Gaza Ministry of Health reported, on Wednesday (13), that there were already 18,608 people dead and 50,594 injured. On the other hand, Hamas attacks left around 1,200 victims in Israel.

The disproportion began to embarrass even the United States. US President Joe Biden found himself forced to modulate his opinions. According to him, the “indiscriminate” way in which Israel bombs Gaza and kills civilians resulted in a loss of support.

Based on a survey by the US Office of the Director of National Intelligence, CNN reported that 40% to 45% of the 29,000 air-to-ground munitions used by Israel in Gaza are “dumb bombs” – that is, unguided type bombs. The complaint, revealed this Thursday (13), contradicts the official version according to which Israel tried to minimize the risk of civilian casualties.

The day before, another piece of news put the country against the wall. Between Tuesday (12) and Wednesday (13), no less than ten Israeli soldiers died in Gaza. According to Reuters, the list includes “a colonel who commanded an advanced base and a lieutenant colonel in command of a regiment”.

Hamas took advantage of the episode to contest the thesis of Israel’s inevitable victory in the conflict – a dubious promise from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “The longer you remain there, the greater the toll of your deaths and losses will be – and you will leave there carrying the burden of disappointment and defeat, God willing,” Hamas said in a statement.

Resistance to an immediate humanitarian ceasefire – as called for by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly – progressively isolates Israel. Still, Netanyahu doubles down: “We will continue until the end, until victory, until Hamas is annihilated. I say this in the face of great pain, but also in the face of international pressure.” The war bill starts to get expensive for Israel.


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