Bulk carrier Star Isis is destined for Tehran, the capital of Iran, which supports paramilitary forces

The Houthis fired missiles on Sunday (Feb 11, 2024) at the Greek-owned ship Star Isis in the Red Sea. The bulk carrier was transporting corn from Brazil to Tehran, the capital of Iran – allied with Yemeni paramilitary forces. The information is from Al Ayyam.

The Star Isis departed the port of Vila do Conde, in Pará, on January 12th. Despite the attack, the ship is still scheduled to arrive in Iran on February 19 at the port of Band Imam Khomeini.

On January 31, the group had already announced that it would continue attacks on North American and British ships in the sea accessing the Suez Canal, an important commercial route to European countries.

The ship, which even though it was owned by Greece, had the flag of the Marshall Islands, a territory linked to the United States.

The rebel group attacks commercial ships as a way of demonstrating support for the Palestinians and Hamas, an extremist group that controls the Gaza Strip and has been at war with Israel since November 2023.

The Houthis also say they will continue their attacks until a ceasefire is agreed in the Gaza Strip and food and medicine are allowed to enter the Palestinian enclave to alleviate the humanitarian crisis.

Source: https://www.poder360.com.br/internacional/houthis-ataca-navio-com-cargas-brasileiras/

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